Crew Change Update - June 25, 2022
Thank you, Elburg Shipmanagement Philippines Incorporated ! #espionecrewonehorizon
Crew Change Update - June 25, 2022
#MV Teng May #ElburgShipManagementPhil.Inc #OneCrewOneHorizon #BoundtoCairo Elburg Shipmanagement Philippines Incorporated 06252022
Happy Seafarer's Day! - June 24, 2022
To All Seafarers, Thank you for all the hard work that you do, not only for our Company but for the whole world. We salute each and everyone of you. We wish you safe voyages always HAPPY SEAFARERS' DAY
Happy Father's Day! - June 19, 2022
We extend our warms wishes to amazing dads on Fathers day!
Crew Change Update - June 10, 2022
Another successful turnover. 21 of our crew joined the vessel Resilience at Marseille, France. #espionecrewonehorizon
Crew Change Update - June 10, 2022
7 of our 18 crew who joined the vessel HL Richards Bay at Yeosu, Korea. New vessel that we acquired to manage under Arka fleet. #espionecrewonehorizon
Fresia - May 22, 2022
Done Installing New Cable Wire For Life Boat #TaongGrasa #LifeAtSea #Fresia2K22
Crew Change Update - May 03, 2022
Another successful take over under Foremost Group. Our 18 crew joiners for the vessel Teng May at Cairo, Egypt #espionecrewonehorizon
Crew Change Update - April 22, 2022
Our crew who joined the vessel Armonia at Port Elizabeth. Have a safe seas ahead mga sir! #espionecrewonehorizon
Crew Change Update - March 23, 2022
Twenty-one of our crew departed Manila last March 18 for the take over of the vessel Ugo de Carlini in Yeosu, Korea. #espionecrewonehorizon
Crew Change Update - March 23, 2022
"Take every chance in life, because some things only happen once" Our joiners for another vessel take over under Seaquest Fleet. Triple S at Casablanca, Morocco #espionecrewonehorizon
- March 23, 2022
Giovanni DP basketball team! Tag us in your photos by using #espionecrewonehorizon or send your photos to our messenger or via email.
Crew Change Update - March 22, 2022
Our 6 joining crew bound to Valencia, Spain to join passenger vessel Majestic. Have a safe flight!
Crew Change Update - March 16, 2022
A new journey begins for these 13 joining crew for the take over of the vessel Blue Tune in Kolkata, India last March 9, 2022. Have a safe seas ahead! #espionecrewonehorizon
Crew Change Update - March 12, 2022
Our crew joiners for the vessel Sider Amy bound Callao, Peru. Have a safe flight mga sir! #espionecrewonehorizon
Crew Change Update - March 12, 2022
Crew who joined our passenger vessel Rhapsody in Porto Empedocle, Italy #espionecrewonehorizon
Crew Change Update - February 27, 2022
Our Second Engineer is travelling to Pascagoula, USA to join the vessel Sider London. Stay safe and have a safe seas ahead sir! #espionecrewonehorizon
Crew Change Update - February 25, 2022
Successful full crew change in Manila for the vessel Royal. Have a safe seas ahead. #espionecrewonehorizon
Crew Change Update - February 23, 2022
BSN and AB joining Sider Mompox at Instanbul. Keep Safe mga sir! #espionecrewonehorizon
Crew Change Update - February 23, 2022
First Cook bound to Augusta, Italy to join GNV Azzura. Have a safe flight sir! #espionecrewonehorizon
Crew Change Update - February 22, 2022
Our joiners for Zagara bound to Istanbul. Have a safe journey mga sir! #espionecrewonehorizon
Crew Change Update - February 18, 2022
Sharing with you photo of our 12 crew for the vessel Favola with their fleet officer. They were dispatched last night to join the vessel in Chittagong Bangladesh. Stay safe mga sir. #ESPIonecrewonehorizon
Crew Change Update - February 18, 2022
Our joiners for the vessel Sider Cartagena bound to Peru. Have a safe flight and safe seas ahead. #ESPIonecrewonehorizon
- February 11, 2022
This month, we have new vessel under management. Kang May, a bulk carrier vessel under Liberian flag was boarded by 19 Filipino crew in Fos, France last February 3, 2021. Meanwhile, (from L-R) COFF, MST, Company DPA, CENG and 2ENG took a souvenir photo for the successful vessel takeover. We wish you safe seas on this new voyage.
Crew Change Update - February 10, 2022
GNV Fleet Crew Change Update. Sharing with you photos of our joiners for our passenger vessels. Rhapsody GNV Cristal Splendid Stay safe! #ESPIonecrewonehorizon
Cadetship Training Program - January 24, 2022
Congratulations to Batch 28B of the Cadetship Training Program of I.M.A. Assessement and Training Center.
Greetings from Elburg Shipmanagement Phils., Inc,!
#BANGON BISAYA - December 19, 2021
Do not worry about anything; Instead, pray about everything
Lila Tokyo - December 16, 2021
Crew of Lila Tokyo were vaccinated with 1st dose of Pfizer in New Castle, Australia. We continue to get crew vaccinations whenever and wherever possible in order to protect our crew. Always, safety first! #onecrewonehorizon
- December 11, 2021
Basketball never stops kahit -20c na ang temperatura game pa din. A2Zcustoms nasa Russia Engine team 2nd engr Bulado,chief engr Negre, oiler Murillo, Elect Galiposo,4th engr Almazora,3rd engr Sablas #shailalkhorballers
Aethalia - December 11, 2021
Blessings of grace and peace be with you today and every day. Have a great weekend. Captured by: Sherwin Nafarrete onboard Aethalia #onecrewonehorizon
Crew Change Update - December 09, 2021
Nomikos fleet crew change update. Five (5) crew: COFF, 2ENG, 3ENG, ECAD and MSM joining Armonia bound to Riga, Latvia While for the vessel Alkyoni we have 8 joining crew ready to join in Chittagong, Bangladesh Our takeaway from the recent crew conference: Make SAFETY a habit so you can go back home to your families safe and healthy. #onecrewonehorizon
Crew Change Update - December 07, 2021
Our crew joiners of Lila shanghai at Ghent, Belgium. Stay Safe! #onecrewonehorizon
14th Annual Crew Conference - December 06, 2021
Welcome to our 14th Annual Crew Conference. Join us as we discuss important updates in the shipping industry and how we can bridge the gap between the current skills of the seafarer from the industry needs. One Crew One Horizon
Crew Change Update - November 24, 2021
Quick photo opportunity for our crew prior bording their flight to join the vessel Davide B in Algeciras, Spain. Stay safe mga sir! #onecrewonehorizon
Crew Change Update - November 19, 2021
Another crew change for GNV fleet. Our crew joiners for Excellent bound to Genoa. Stay safe and protected! #onecrewonehorizon
Key Ohana - November 17, 2021
Key Ohana vaccination at Wilmington, North Carolina. Always Stay Safe. #getvaccinatedtobeprotected #onecrewonehorizon
RB Dylan - November 17, 2021
Our RB Dylan crew commencing their journey from today on. Cheers to safe voyages and smooth seas ahead. Aja! Photo Courtesy of Captain Glen Fideck Nogra #onecrewonehorizon
MV Azzura - November 17, 2021
My first PSC inspection as Master perfectly done zero deficiency thank you Lord for the guidance. Thank you Officers and Crew of MV Azzura for the effort. #teamAzzura Original post by Capt. Mark Orlanda #onecrewonehorizon
Fresia - November 16, 2021
Boodle Fight from Algeciras, Spain. Fresia crew enjoying the time feasting on their food and appreciating life as brothers and friends onboard. #onecrewonehorizon
Crew Change Update - November 16, 2021
We welcome aboard joining crew of Centenario Forza for its takeover in Manila, Philippines. Centenario Forza is a bulk carrier vessel and is the first Filipino full crew under RB Armatori. The vessel coming from Japan is now in Manila for the take over under Elburg and will hold a ceremony for its change name to RB Dylan in the next days. #onecrewonehorizon
Sider Joy - November 11, 2021
This is a photo of our BSN and AB of Sider Joy while painting the vessel for change of flag.
Crew Change Update - November 10, 2021
Our crew change adventure continues with MSC Abidjan joining Singapore. With this, we still wish you safe travels while we are still in an ongoing fight against COVID-19 virus. Always, safety first!#onecrewonehorizon
Crew Change Update - November 09, 2021
AM Nomikos fleet. We are sharing with you the photo of our crew who joined the vessel Azzura in Paranagua, Brazil. Stay safe mga sir! #onecrewonehorizon
Lila Tokyo - November 09, 2021
Lila Tokyo doing the boat drill on the Pacific Ocean while underway to Newcastle, Australia. Captured by: Captain Jonathan Nagrama #onecrewonehorizon
Osios David - October 29, 2021
Regards to our great crew onboard Osios David. Captured by: Captain Jaime Villeran #onecrewonehorizon
Crew Change Update - October 28, 2021
Our joining crew for S'hail Al Wabjah bound to Kaliorang, Indonesia Safe travels and stay protected. #onecrewonehorizon
Crew Change Update - October 25, 2021
CENG Lo and ELEC Cabildo are travelling today to join the vessel Davide B in Algeciras, Spain. Stay safe and ingat sa biyahe mga sir. #onecrewonehorizon
Crew Change Update - October 22, 2021
Our LILA SEOUL joiners bound to Oxelosund, Sweden. We wish you safe voyages and safe seas ahead. #onecrewonehorizon
Crew Change Update - October 18, 2021
Our Lila Tokyo joiners bound to Nagasaki, Japan We wish you safe and healthy for another contract. #onecrewonehorizon
Crew Change Update - October 14, 2021
All set and ready for our 13 crew joining the vessel Key Ohana in Durban, South Africa. Stay safe and enjoy this new adventure.#onecrewonehorizon
Crew Change Update - October 14, 2021
Our joiners for Bice Amoretti at Algeciras, Spain. Ingat mga sir! #onecrewonehorizon
FRESIA - October 10, 2021
FRESIA Boys #onecrewonehorizon
Crew Change Update - October 06, 2021
Another vessel ticked off the vaccination list. Aphros crew completed their single-dose J&J vaccine at Ensted, Denmark. Stay Safe mga sir! #onecrewonehorizon
Crew Change Update - September 30, 2021
Our crew who joined PS Valleta in Damietta, Egypt. Stay safe and healthy mga sir. #OneCrewOneHorizon
World Maritime Day - September 30, 2021
Today is World Maritime Day! What should people know about the work of seafarers?
Osios David - September 29, 2021
They say home is where the heart is. We welcome back our sign off crew of Osios David after completion of their contract. We know that your families are much more excited to see you come back to your homes. Safe flight!
MSC Musica - September 27, 2021
Dream big, stay positive, work hard, and enjoy the journey. Urijah Faber We wish nothing but only the best for our crew joining onboard MSC Musica at Genoa. They are female therapists joining the world's one of the biggest cruise ship company. Safe travels! #onecrewonehorizon
Aigran D - September 27, 2021
Celebrating the birthday of AB Mata, Evans with good food and happy companions onboard Aigran D. May God bless you with more years of life. #onecrewonehorizon
Crew Change Update - September 23, 2021
Joining crew for Panarea M bound to Istanbul, Turkey. Stay safe and healthy mga sir! Ingat sa biyahe. #onecrewonehorizon
Osios David - September 23, 2021
The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team. Osios David Basketball Team onboard with their jersey uniforms on. #onecrewonehorizon
Aigran D - September 21, 2021
Seafarers are true fortunate witnesses for every rising and setting of the sun spreading fascinating show of colors across the horizon. Heres a photo from Aigran D while sailing in the middle of the ocean. May every sunrise hold more promise, And every sunset holds more peace. Captured by: CCK Acueza, Venancio #onecrewonehorizon
Crew Change Update - September 21, 2021
Our crew joiners for Osios David bound to Hibi, Japan. Stay safe and healthy for another contract. #onecrewonehorizon
Crew Change Update - September 17, 2021
Our joining crew for Lila Seoul bound to Philadelphia. Stay safe and healthy for another contract. #onecrewonehorizon
Crew Change Update - September 15, 2021
Azzura joining crew in Istanbul. We wish you all the best in your job! Stay safe mga sir. #onecrewonehorizon
Tassos N - September 14, 2021
A smooth and well organized crew change arrangement for Tassos N in Subic, Philippines. We all wish our crew safe voyage and another memorable experience onboard this good vessel.
SAILING FORWARD ISSUE NO. 4 - September 13, 2021
We are excited to share with you once again our digital newsletter "Sailing Forward" on its 4th Issue covering the months of July and August 2021.
20 years of career at sea - September 10, 2021
As the saying goes, one step at a time... one day at a time... Heres an inspiring message from Capt. Jaime Subaldo Villeran III in celebration of his 20 years of career at sea. The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are. #20yearsofcareeratsea #onecrewonehorizon
Zagara - September 09, 2021
We all live under the same sky but we dont all have the same horizon. So this view from the vessel Zagara taken by AB Arnold Solera Ibias gives us inspiration and quite a reminder how beautiful our world is.
Astra N - September 06, 2021
Finding joy in small pleasures is what keeps them strong together and makes the moment unforgettable. Astra N crew onboard shows off their happy faces as they come together for the celebratory Sunday meal.
Crew Change Update - September 06, 2021
Another crew change for our De Poli fleet. Aigran D joining Lavera, France Alessandro Dp bound to Algeciras Stay safe on your journey mga sir! #OneCrewOneHorizon
Aphros to load Clinker at Mersin, Turkey. - September 05, 2021
Greta K - September 04, 2021
Lets all read the experience and gratitude of the officers and crew of Greta K for the recent completion of their onboard vaccination. Allow us to share with you all the appreciation of none other than Capt. Corpus and his crew through this post. Once again, we are one with all the seafarers around the world in this global fight against COVID-19. Stay safe and healthy!
Crew Change Update - September 01, 2021
Three of our vessels completed the change. Venezia D Giovanni DP AEC Diligence Stay safe on your journey. #onecrewonehorizon
MT Nike - August 30, 2021
Some of our crew onboard MT Nike chose to be vaccinated and finally got their jabs of Jansenn at Hamburg, Germary. "Vaccines save lives" Stay safe and healthy mga sir! #onecrewonehorizon
Greetings - August 30, 2021
We at Elburg Shipmanagement joins every Filipino in commemorating the legacy of our National Heroes and recognizing the Seafarers as Modern Day Heros for their tremendous contribution in the global economy. #onecrewonehorizon
S hail Al Khor - August 29, 2021
To reach a port we must sail, sometimes with the wind, and sometimes against it. But we must not drift or lie at anchor. S’hail Al Khor at Durban, South Africa
Serena R - August 26, 2021
Life moves on, but these memories are forever. These are souvenir photos of our crew onboard Serena before they disembark the vessel last August 24, 2021 in Manila. Definitely one of the best memories that is worthy to keep. Captured by: Francisco Lanuza #OneCrewOneHorizon
Crew Change Update - August 24, 2021
AEC Diligence crew ready to join the vessel at Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Ingat mga sir! #OneCrewOneHorizon
Crew Change Update - August 24, 2021
Alkyoni crew bound to Durban, South Africa. Stay Safe mga sir! #onecrewonehorizon
Davide B - August 23, 2021
Being a seafarer is a rewarding career. It is also a very high-pressure job because of the operations they must do among other things, but having a family onboard makes a home away from home which makes life onboard even more rewarding. Photos of our hardworking crew onboard Davide B. Captured by: CE Florito Sipalay #OneCrewOneHorizon
Crew Change Update - August 22, 2021
Our Astra N crew bound to Santos, Brazil. Stay safe and healthy and we wish you safe seas ahead. #OneCrewOneHorizon
Odoardo Amoretti - August 21, 2021
This beautiful Odoardo Amoretti, currently in Augusta, Italy to load gasoline and gas oil. Captured by: John Nualda #OneCrewOneHorizon
Zagara - August 20, 2021
Zagara loading Jet A-1 Fuel and Virgin Naphtha in Milazzo, Italy. Captured by: Arnold Solera Ibias #OneCrewOneHorizon
Crew Change Update - August 19, 2021
Shail Al Khor crew Manila to DUBAI Tama na muna ang pahinga, Umpisa na naman ng paglalakbay. #onecrewonehorizon
San Carlos - August 19, 2021
San Carlos currently loading cargo in Bizerte, Tunisia. The loading operation started August 18 and vessel will depart tentatively on August 20. Just a little reminder to take extra precautions not only while carrying out these operations but also after completion. Captured by: Laurence Gallentes #OneCrewOneHorizon
Crew Change Update - August 18, 2021
Rubicon crew joining in Cape Town, South Africa wearing face masks, face shield and PPE for extra protection. Stay Safe mga sir! #onecrewonehorizon
Sider London - August 16, 2021
Sharing photos of our crew onboard Sider London who completed their J&J JANSSEN vaccine. Stay healthy mga sir. #OneCrewOneHorizon
Crew Change Update - August 16, 2021
Three of our vessels completed the change. Laguna D crew bound to New Orleans Lila Shanghai crew bound to Incheon, Korea San Sebastian crew bound to Istanbul, Turkey Stay safe on your journey at sea. #onecrewonehorizon
Crew Change Update - August 13, 2021
Another crew change for Depoli Fleet. Our crew bound to Sillamae, Estonia to join the vessel VENEZIA D. We wish you safe flight and safe seas ahead. #onecrewonehorizon
Crew Change Update - August 11, 2021
Two of our De Poli vessels completed the change this week. Alessandro DP - 3 joining crew bound to Rotterdam, Netherlands and Giancarlo D - 4 joining crew bound to Brake, Germany Stay safe on your journey at sea. #OneCrewOneHorizon
Crew Change Update - August 10, 2021
Another vessel completed their J&J Janssen vaccine TASSOS N @ Grays Harbor Aberdeen Washington, USA Stay healthy and safe. #OneCrewOneHorizon
Crew Change Update - August 09, 2021
Alessandro DP crew ready to join the vessel in Rotterdam. Safe Flight and Stay Safe mga Sir! #OneCRewOneHorizon
Crew Change Update - August 06, 2021
Our seafarers play a vital role in maintaining the operation of the global supply chain that's why Seafarers are Front liners. This August, we welcome back to their seafaring life our joining crew for the following vessels: S'HAIL AL RUWAIS - Fourth Engineer, Ordinary Seaman, Fitter, Oiler and Engine Boy bound to Beira, Mozambique ANGELE N - Chief Engineer and Electrician bound to Vancouver, Canada GOOD HOPE - Chief Officer, Second Engineer and Fourth Engineer bound to Suez, Egypt Stay Safe mga Sir! #OneCrewOneHorizon
PS Valleta - August 06, 2021
Sharing with you our crew onboard PS Valleta who completed their J&J JANSSEN vaccine in New Haven, USA. We thank everyone for doing their part in getting vaccinated. We still hope more vessels and more crew gets vaccinated against the deadly coronavirus. #OneCrewOneHorizon
Crew Change Update - August 06, 2021
Our crew who joined Korsaro in Sines, Portugal wearing face masks, face shields and PPE for extra protection. Stay safe mga Sir. #OneCrewOneHorizon
Crew Change Update - August 04, 2021
Our 15 crew of K. Phoenix travelled to Korea to join the vessel. Wearing the usual PPE suit for added protection while travelling and complete face masks/shield. We wish you safe travels and safe seas ahead. #OneCrewOneHorizon
MV Azzura - July 19, 2021
Our Chief Engineer and Chief Officer onboard MV Azzura got vaccinated against the COVID19 virus with J&J JANSSEN single dose vaccine on July 15, 2021 in the port of Houston, Texas, while the rest of the crew was already vaccinated. We support and encourage our seafarers to get vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus as it is one of the best way to protect ourselves and our community. #onecrewonehorizon
ITF Seafarers' Trust OUT OF SIGHT, NOT OUT OF MIND - June 29, 2021
ITF Seafarers' Trust OUT OF SIGHT, NOT OUT OF MIND The Winner Best portrait of a seafarer Papa is tired, but Papa will never give up by Aljon Manlangit, Ordinary Seaman, Philippines Congratulations to our very own Aljon for capturing a thousand images into one. Such a depiction portrays the many aspects of Seafaring – both a passion and a profession. To our seafarers, the world salutes you!
Greetings - June 25, 2021
Happy Seafarers Day! We appreciate each and every seafarer for being on the front line during these tough times. Thank you for your dedication in continuing to value the work that you do for the shipping industry and the personal sacrifices that you make to provide essential services worldwide. You made the world proud for fighting the toughest seas. #dayofseafarers2021 #OneCrewOneHorizon
LILA Seoul - June 24, 2021
It is an honourable tradition of the sea to render every assistance to those in distress - ICS On 23rd of June, our vessel LILA Seoul, with Capt. Peter Boots Samulde in command along with his 20 crewmembers, steered its way to rescue 4 lives in distress. We commend your bravery, honor and dignity in choosing to do what is right and human. Today, we celebrate your courage, seamanship and dignity worthy of emulation. We continue to celebrate the profound professionalism, humanity and honor that all our seafarers beckon as you navigate your journey at sea. Thank you for a job done well and right. #OneCrewOneHorizon
Greetings! - June 20, 2021
Salute to all great dads around the world. Happy Fathers day!
Independence Day - June 12, 2021
Happy Independence Day! God Bless our nation! #123rdphilippineindependenceday
WORLD OCEANS DAY - June 08, 2021
Today we join everyone all over the world in celebrating World Oceans Day. This year's theme is "The Ocean: Life and Livelihoods" as a declaration of intention to launch sustainable use of ocean, seas and marine resources. "The ocean covers over 70% of the planet. It is our life source, supporting humanity sustenance and that of every other organism on earth. The ocean produces at least 50% of the planet oxygen, it is home to most of earth biodiversity, and is the main source of protein for more than a billion people around the world. Not to mention, the ocean is key to our economy with an estimated 40 million people being employed by ocean-based industries by 2030."
Crew Change Update - May 06, 2021
Our First batch of joiners for Majestic
Crew Change Update - May 05, 2021
Our joiners for Tassos N bound to Suez, Egypt
Crew Change Update - April 24, 2021
Our joining crew for MV Rubicon bound to Singapore
Greetings - April 04, 2021
Easter Greetings from your Elburg Shipmanagement Family
Crew Change Update - April 02, 2021
Our crew joiners for Vienna Wood N bound to Durban, Africa
Crew Change Update - March 08, 2021
Armonia crew joining in Prince Rupert, Canada
Statement - February 05, 2021
Statement for Giulia I
Greetings - December 23, 2020
Warm Greetings from your Elburg Shipmanagement Family
Avra Crew Change - December 07, 2020
Avra crew joining in Durban, South Africa wearing face masks, face shields and PPE for extra protection.
ST. Petri Crew Change - December 06, 2020
Our joiners for ST. Petri bound to Daesan, Korea
Laguna D, Alessandro Dp, Venezia D, Aigran D Crew Change - December 02, 2020
Depoli Fleet Crew Change Laguna D at Cartagena, Colombia Alessandro Dp at New Orleans Venezia D at Cartagena, Colombia Aigran D at Fortaleza
Freight Margie Crew Change - November 25, 2020
Our joining crew for Freight Margie bound to Lome.
V Uno Crew Change - November 19, 2020
Our Crew joiners of V uno in Port of Manila.
1st Virtual Conference - November 17, 2020
We are holding our 1st Virtual Crew Conference from 2nd of November to 26th November 2020. Kindly coordinate with your Crewing Officer to register for this event.
Aethalia Crew Change - November 04, 2020
Our joiners for Aethalia in Fujairah.
Clarice Crew Change - November 04, 2020
Our crew joiners for Clarice in Rotterdam
AEC Diligence Crew Change - October 30, 2020
AEC Diligence crew ready to join the vessel in Fujairah.
Meeting With the Support Level - October 29, 2020
Meeting with Captain Terrei and the Support Level
Captain Terrei had a meeting with the Junior Officers - October 28, 2020
Virtual Meeting with Captain Terrei and Junior Officers
Sider London Crew Change - October 28, 2020
Our crew ready to go onboard Sider London in Naantali, Finland.
Meeting with the Management Level Officers - October 27, 2020
Captain Terrei had a meeting with the Management Level Officers
MV Dory Crew Change - October 26, 2020
Our offsigners of MV Dory in Brazil.
MV Dory Crew Change - October 16, 2020
Our batch of crew joining MV DORY at Port of Santos, Brazil.
Rhapsody Crew Change - October 15, 2020
Our crew ready to go onboard Rhapsody in Italy.
MV Azzura Crew Change - October 10, 2020
Our Crew en route to Cairo, Egypt ready to take over MV Azzura.
PS Valleta Crew Change - October 09, 2020
We welcome onboard joining full crew of PS Valleta in Port of Manila.
MV Fantastic Crew Change - October 04, 2020
Our crew joiners of MV Fantastic in Genoa.
Fantastic Crew Change - September 28, 2020
Our joiners for Fantastic bound to Genoa, Italy.
PS Amalfi Crew Change - September 27, 2020
Our secong batch of joiners for PS Amalfi in Singapore.
PS Venezia Crew Change - September 27, 2020
Our crew ready yo go onboard PS Venezia in Japan.
PS Amalfi Crew Change - September 26, 2020
Our first batch of joiners for PS Amalfi in Singapore.
Laguna D Crew Change - September 26, 2020
Our Laguna D crew bound to Rio Haina
Aethalia Crew Change - September 22, 2020
Our Aethalia joiners bound to Fujairah
V Due Crew Change - September 19, 2020
Joining crew of V Due in Chittagong, Bangladesh
Venezia D and Giancarlo D Crew Change - September 18, 2020
Our Depoli crew ready to go onboard Venezia D in Curacao and Giancarlo D in Geismar.
San Felix and Alessandro Dp Crew Change - September 15, 2020
Simultaneous crew change for San Felix bound to Istanbul, Turkey and Alessandro Dp bound to Antwerp.
Aigran D Crew Change - September 13, 2020
Our Aigran D crew bound to Curacao
Grazia Crew Change - September 11, 2020
Our joining crew for Grazia bound to Curacao.
NACC Milburn and San Carlos Crew Change - September 07, 2020
Simultaneous crew change for NACC Milburn bound to Dubai and San Carlos bound to Istanbul, Turkey.
V Tre Crew Change - September 07, 2020
Our crew at Port of Manila ready to go onboard V Tre
Giulia I Crew Change - September 02, 2020
Our Giulia I crew bound to Saganoseki, Japan.
MV Aurilia Crew Change - September 01, 2020
The safety of our crew is our top priority, therefore we make sure they are given the every bit of protection and assistance as they travel around the world. Today we arranged 13 crew of MV Aurilia in Manila Bay.
MV Dory Crew Change - August 17, 2020
All geared up! Our MV Dory crew bound to Cairo, Egypt.
RBD Italia Crew Change - August 16, 2020
Our RBD Italia crew ready to go onboard at Port of Manila.
Astra N Crew Change - August 12, 2020
Our Astra N crew bound to Dar Es Salaam.
Freight Margie Crew Change - August 08, 2020
Our crew going onboard Freight Margie at Port of Manila.
Serena R Crew Change - August 05, 2020
All geared up! Our Serena R crew bound to Vancouver, Canada.
Sapphire Crew Change - July 25, 2020
Our crew ready to go onboard our good vessel Sapphire in Rouen, France.
Greta K Crew Change - July 20, 2020
All geared up. Our Greta K crew bound for Barcelona, Spain.
Syn Tabit Crew Change - July 19, 2020
Our Syn Tabit crew. All the way to Rome. Sending you our love and best wishes as you embark on this journey together with the rest of your colleagues.
PMS Edelweiss Crew Change - July 19, 2020
Our first batch of onsigners taking over PMS Edelweiss in Japan. Your Elburg family will be with you every step of the way. Soon to send off the rest of the joiners to complete a full Filipino crew for PMS Edelweiss.
Turchese Crew Change - July 15, 2020
Two of our seafarers were dispatched today and ready to go onboard our good vessel Turchese in Antwerp, Belgium. As part of our safety protocol, both of them were provided with proper PPE suits, face masks, face shields and hand gloves with personal alcohol for a safe and cautious travel.
- July 11, 2020
Thank you Buildtime Contractors Sanitization for helping us fight Covid-19. We want to make sure we are keeping a safe environment for employees and seafarers.
- June 25, 2020
Day of the Seafarer 2020
Crew Conference - December 02, 2019
Elburg 12th Crew Conference
ELBURG Trunklines Update - October 05, 2019
Starting October 6, 2019, our number in Main Office will become 8 digits. (02) 8 817-0971 (02) 8 823-0979 In compliance with the National Telecommunications Commision M.O 10-10-2017, all existing 7-digit numbers within Greater Metro Manila will be migrated to an 8 digit phone number.
2019 Vessel Acquisition - September 30, 2019
From July, One (1) of our vessels were sold to new owners and one (1) has been transferred to other agency. On the other hand, we have acquired Eight (8) new vessels which includes two (2) Bulk Carrier, four(4) Container Ship, one (1) Chemical / Oil Product Tanker and one (1) Steel Petroleum / Chemical Tanker. At the end of this quarter we are managing 239 vessels.
Seafarers Week - September 16, 2019
Elburg Shipmanagement Phils Inc celebrated the Seafarers Week last September 16-20, 2019 by hosting week-long activities, we also organized free ride service to the crew from the airport to the office and vice versa and a lot of games and raffle prizes for all.
ESPI welcomes AM Nomikos’ Key Ohana - August 27, 2019
Qingdao, China. Manned by 20 full Filipino crew, Elburg welcomes MV Key Ohana under its management. The ship is the sixth vessel of AM Nomikos Transworld Maritime with ESPI and was taken over on August 27, 2019 at Qingdao, China.
Tassos N calls port of Cebu - August 23, 2019
Tassos N, a Bulk Carrier, under A.M Nomikos Transworld Maritime Agencies S.A arrived port of Cebu on August 23, 2019 for discharging. In command of the vessel was Master Einar Malata with 20 crew all Filipino crew. They are welcomed by Elburg personnel who went for a short visit onboard.
2019 Vessel Acquisition - June 30, 2019
Since January, Four (4) of our vessels were sold to new owners, one (1) was inactive since April 2019 and two (2) has been transferred to other agency. On the other hand, we have acquired Twenty six (26) new vessels which includes two (2) General Cargo, one (1) Bulk Carrier, eighteen (18) Container Ship, three (3) Chemical / Oil Product Tanker, one (1) Passenger Cruise Ship, and one (1) Passenger/Ro-ro Cargo. At the end of this quarter we are managing 232 vessels.
Meeting with the Junior Officers - June 05, 2019
Captain Terrei had a meeting with the Junior Officer for both Deck and Engine Department regarding trainings
Elburg celebrates its 14th Anniversary - April 26, 2019
It’s not just a corporate anniversary, it’s an anniversary of a family. We will continue to grow and hope for the best in the coming years!
Ruslan Golenkov of De Poli Shipmanagement visits Elburg - March 16, 2019
During the stay of Ruslan in the office, a series of planning and audit has been conducted to determine the status of De Poli Fleet. Overseeing the persons in charge of the fleet, it can be seen that they handled the fleet and seafarers well and to the best of their ability. Apart from work, fun also has been brought to them while being in contact with the principal itself. Good work relationship is the key for harmonious and understandable communication.
Masinloc, Zambales as berthing point of Thestelia K - January 10, 2019
Thestelia K from the principal A.M. Nomikos Transworld Agencies anchored its vessel at Masinloc, Zambales on January 10, 2019. Elburg personnel were welcomed by The Master along with all the crew onboard. Food and drinks were shared during lunch over their appropriate meeting in which concerns such as Roster Program and Recreational Facilities were discussed. Nothing but positive feedback and great satisfaction were returned by all the crew and harmonious relationship are maintained onboard.
Pagbilao, Quezon as docking port of Shuang Xi - December 18, 2018
The former Hispanic G now called Shuang Xi berthed at Pagbilao, Quezon last December 18, 2018. The vessel was loading coal when visited by Elburg representatives. They brought recreational materials like magic sing and magazines and were then invited for lunch with Master Dragos, Chief Officer Constantin, and all the crew onboard. The vessel maintained order as the crew are working properly and no problems aroused. Next port of call will be around December 20 or 21 at Indonesia.
11th Annual Crew Conference - November 28, 2018
This year held the 11th Annual Crew Conference of Elburg and RINA Academy at New World Hotel, Makati last November 27 to 28, 2018. The event was filled with discussions on the phases that transpired during 2018 from RINA Academy and the company itself. Around 200 participants including the owners, guests, crew, and employees attended to lighten up the venue. Putting everything in a nutshell, all the preparations and hard work paid off and it was a success for everyone.
Captain Nicolo Terrei on CrewConnect Global - November 07, 2018
On a summit organized for CrewConnect Global, Captain Nicolo Terrei was invited to speak last November 6 to 7, 2018 about issues on cadetships. He tackled on aspects such as relevance of the duration of the program, educational bakcground based on research or operational, if qualifications are more important than proficencies and the diversity of the vessels experienced by the crew onboard.
A.M. Nomikos Transworld Agencies Principal Visit - November 03, 2018
Mr. Ioannis Stratakis paid a visit to Elburg Shipmanagement last November 3, 2018, Saturday. The crew who went onboard and disembarked under vessels of the A.M. Nomikos were invited to discuss their concerns with the principal. Those were about the overtime rendered by the crew, recreational activities provided by the company, and the extra working gears given to them onboard. After the meeting, the owner was delighted to have that opportunity to meet their crew and the seafarers as well.
Re-Certification Audit for ISO 9001:2015, CMS and MLC 2006 - October 04, 2018
The company has successfully passed the Re-Certification Audit which covers the Standards of ISO 9001:2015, Competence Management System and Maritime Labour Convention 2006. The audit was conducted by RINA Services on October 1-4, 2018. Company functions such as the processes involved and its implementation were examined to verify compliance with the standards. During the closing meeting, the Auditors has recommended the company for re-certification and ended with flying colors with the help and hard work of everyone in the company.
Capt. Terrei as one of the Guest Speakers of 2018 Safety4Sea Conference - October 03, 2018
The Director, Captain Nicolo Terrei has been once again invited in a prestigious maritime publication which is Safety4Sea to be one of the Guest Speakers for the 2018 Safety4Sea Conference. The event was organized by SAFETY4SEA having as lead sponsors the following organizations: ABS, Bureau Veritas, MacGregor, SQE MARINE & UMAR WSR. The event was also sponsored by: American P&I Club, Arcadia Shipmanagement Co Ltd, Blue Planet Shipping Ltd, Britannia P&I Club, Capital Shipmanagement, Consolidated Marine Management, DNV GL, Dorian LPG, ERMA FIRST, FLIR Systems, Inc., GAITAS, KENNEDY & CHALOS PC, GOLDBAY MARINETECH CO. LTD, Gray Page Ltd, Green Jakobsen, Hellenic Mutual War Risks Association, Inmarsat, Marshall Islands Registry, MINERVA Marine, North P&I Club, Orpheus Marine Transport Corporation, Steamship Mutual, T&T SALVAGE, Tsakos Group, The Standard Club, UK P&I Club, UnitedHealthcare Global and VENLYS Maritime Specialisation Services and our very own RINA Academy Phils., Inc. Captain Terrei shared his knowledge about the Competence Management System, a systematic method of education and training designed to minimize any gap between the competence level required by a company and the level of each individual seafarer on board. This system, he explained, will provide seafarers a more specific and objective assessment of their strengths and specify targeted areas for development.
Elburg joined International Coastal Cleanup - September 22, 2018
The International Coastal Cleanup 2018 led the way in helping maintain the environment. It was held last September 22 at SM by the BAY and thousands of volunteers including Elburg gathered to help spread awareness about the current standing of our natural resources. The event ended by reminding everyone to continue practicing proper waste disposal one trash at a time.
Elburg calls for cadets in Cebu - September 20, 2018
Elburg Manila expressed its intention last September 20, 2018 in Cebu Technological University and in University of Cebu METC for a call on Cadet Electrician and Cadet Fitter, and Deck and Engine Cadets respectively. The potential seafarers are invited to have partnerships with the company and soon become one of the officers of Elburg in the future.
MT Giovanni Battista De Carlini moored at Port of Lamao - August 04, 2018
While the crude oil tanker vessel MT Giovanni Battista De Carlini was on Lamao Port, Bataan, Elburg representatives paid a visit last August 4, 2018. Both Master and Chief Engineer showed their satisfactions with the Filipino crew during their quick meeting and discussed potential promotions among the Deck and Engine Department. Overall, the crew onboard the vessel maintains good rapport with each other.
Visiting MV Aurilia at Malita Port - August 03, 2018
On August 3, 2018, representatives of the Elburg Company visited the vessel MV Aurilia of Western River/SeaQuest fleet at Malita port, Davao. Captain Sanjin, Master of the vessel, welcomed and invited them for lunch along with three Filipino crew and one Croatian officer. They had small talk until 3:00 in the afternoon regarding their experiences and recreational activities such as movie box, videoke and television. Next port of the vessel will be in Samarinda, Indonesia estimated on August 7, 2018.
1st Mini Crew Conference - July 11, 2018
Last July, a mini crew conference co-hosted by Elburg Shipmanagement Phils. Inc., Augustea Ship Manning Philippines Inc. and RINA Academy Philippines Inc., and spearheaded by Director, Captain Nicolo Terrei was held to talk about the new regulations and changes in the shipping industry to seafarers, principals, and shipowners. General Data Protection Regulation, benchmark of the company with worldwide shipping, new rule in EU MRV, Web Portal updates, and Safety Culture and Port State Control Training was specifically discussed in the conference. This event also led in having discussions between respective principals regarding their vessels, the crew, and company matters. The event resulted to success as all attendees gained knowledge in regard to ship and company-related day to day activities.
Three vessels have been acquired from Seaquest - December 01, 2017
The company has started pooling of candidates for the three vessels flying Hongkong Flag: La Louise, Fiesty Karen and Intrepid Joanne. These vessels will be manned with Full Filipino Crew and the first batch of Filipino seafarers have been deployed on the first week of December 2017 for La Louise.
Continuous manning of container ships for Mediterreneam Shipping Company - November 30, 2017
As of 30 November 2017, Elburg has acquired 35 container ships from MSC Fleet and they are continuously providing ships.
10th Annual Crew Conference - November 29, 2017
The company has once again carried out the Annual Crew Conference for its 10th year. The conference was held at New World Makati Hotel on 28-29 November 2017 which was attended by more than 200 participants consisting of principals/ship-owners, seafarers, guest speakers from government institutions and staffs of Elburg Shipmanagement Phils., Inc. and RINA Academy Phils., Inc.
Approval from Class RINA Services for certification - November 06, 2017
The transition to new ISO 9001:2015 Standard has been approved by Class RINA Services. The audit has been conducted on 6-8 November 2017 and the Audit Team has submitted the positive results to Technical Committee of RINA Services SPA for final review and to issue ISO 9001:2015 Certification to Elburg.
Enter into agreement with A.M. Nomikos fleet - October 05, 2017
On October 5, 2017, the Manning Agreement has been officially signed between Elburg and Nomikos Company. Two vessels have been delivered for manning of Full Filipino seafarers namely Tassos N and Astra N.
Elburg Opens New Offices in Bacolod and Davao - August 23, 2017
Elburg has decided to widen its scope of recruitment and assistance to its seafarers by establishing a new branch office in Bacolod. It opened its doors officially on the 23rd of August 2016 located at 210 O Residences, Lacson Street, Mandalagan, Bacolod City.

This was followed shortly by the opening of another branch office in Davao which began its operations on the 2nd of December 2016. It is located at the 2nd Floor of AMQ Building, corner Lakandula Street, Dacudao Avenue, Agdao, Davao City.

At present, Elburg has five offices in the Philippines including offices in Kalaw, Cebu, Subic and the main office in Manila. A shipmanagement office of Elburg is also actively established in Hong Kong.
MT Giovanni Battista de Carlini called Singapore - July 02, 2017
On July 2, 2017, Elburg personnel visited MT Giovanni Battista de Carlini, a Crude Oil Tanker, owned by Rizzo Bottiglieri De Carlini Armatori SPA at Singapore. In command of the vessel was Master Giuseppe Bucaria with 25 crew including 17 Filipino crew.
MT Adele Marina Rizzo calls Singapore - July 01, 2017
Elburg personnel visited MT Adele Marina Rizzo, a Crude Oil Tanker, owned by Rizzo Bottiglieri De Carlini Armatori SPA at Singapore on July 1, 2017. In command of the vessel was Master Fontana Teodoro with 22 crew including 16 Filipinos.
MV San Felice called Singapore for bunkering - May 21, 2017
On May 21, 2017, Elburg personnel visited MV San Felice, a Bulk Carrier, owned by Lavant Shipping Co. Ltd. at Eastern Bunkering Anchorage, Singapore. In command of the vessel was Master Fernando Dela Cruz with 19 Filipino crew.
MT Favola Calls Port of Manila - March 06, 2017
MT Favola, an Oil/Chemical Tanker, owned by Minos Societa DI Navigazione – Italy arrived port of Manila on March 06, 2017 for bunkering. In command of the vessel was Master Mariano Salvatore Raccosta with 20 crew including 10 Filipinos. They are welcomed by Elburg personnel who went for a short visit onboard